Why NAFTA 2.0 Needs Digital Trade - But Might Not Get It

Speakers: Patrick Leblond Mary Ambrose

Series: The CIGI Podcast

November 14, 2017

Why NAFTA 2.0 Needs Digital Trade - But Might Not Get It

Former CBC and BBC Radio Host Mary Ambrose sits down with Patrick Leblond, a Senior Fellow with the Centre for International Governance Innovation, for a conversation about the NAFTA renegotiations and e-commerce.

NAFTA covers auto parts, reduced tariffs on textiles and lots of other trade issues, but it doesn’t mention online shopping. Because when NAFTA was created in 1994, there was no online shopping. A year after the ink was dry on the NAFTA agreement, Amazon started shipping books and today e-commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Will e-commerce and online security get into the NAFTA discussion and will they address it? Patrick Leblond shares his thoughts in this episode of the CIGI Podcast.

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