About the Series

Over the coming days, the Centre for International Governance Innovation will be publishing a series providing expert analysis and opinion from leading thinkers about what the modernization of the quarter-century-old North American Free Trade Agreement will mean for the knowledge economy in Canada and the people who turn ideas into innovations within one of the world’s largest free trade zones.

In the Series


NAFTA 2.0 and Beyond

Levelling the patent playing field

No Time for Tinkering

How a "more progressive" NAFTA could break the vicious circle of global inequities in the ownership of knowledge

Five Ways NAFTA Talks Can Level the Innovation Playing Field

After years of ceding to US demands for tough anti-piracy rules, it’s time for Canada to fight for its interests

NAFTA Intellectual Property Talks Should Be Wary of Big Data Impacts

Expanding intellectual property protection may stifle innovation and harm the public interest

Six Inconvenient Truths about NAFTA Renegotiations

Any give by Canada on patents will be costly not only to its health care system, but also to its innovators

From Broken Promise Doctrine to New Promise

How a Supreme Court ruling defused one of the most explosive topics in the renegotiation of NAFTA

The Coming Fight over Peaches and Mangoes in NAFTA Talks

How Canada should approach geographical indications in trade negotiations with the United States and Mexico

Artisans Can Keep Calm and Carry on for NAFTA Talks

What “take two” of the trade pact means for sectors that depend on intellectual property protection

Indigenous Knowledge Has Key Place in NAFTA Renegotiations

From fashion to pharmaceuticals: Balancing cultural respect with certainty for industrial research

Canada Has an Obligation to Promote Rights of Indigenous Peoples in NAFTA

From Inuit art to medicinal plants, the role of traditional know-how in the knowledge economy warrants recognition