Alexa Raad

Alexa Raad is a Qualified Risk Director, and a policy and cybersecurity expert with over 25 years of experience in internet and internet-related technologies.


Alexa Raad is recognized as a thought leader in the cybersecurity, DNS (Domain Name System), cloud, internet infrastructure and Internet of Things industries. Alexa authored a patent in cybersecurity and served in C-level roles and as a strategic adviser to CEOs, executive teams, boards and private equity teams. In addition to running her consulting practice, she is a Qualified Risk Director of the Directors and Chief Risk Officers Organization. She is a member of the Verified Voting Foundation Advisory Board, a co-founder and co-host of the TechSequences podcast ( and part of a panel of experts sought by Pew Research for commenting on internet and technology. Alexa is also a member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and has served, by appointment, as a Webby’s judge since 2008.

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