Andrew Torrance is a CIGI senior fellow, effective July 2016. He is also the Earl B. Shurtz Research Professor at the University of Kansas School of Law and a visiting scholar in Behavioral and Policy Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management since 2011.

At CIGI, Andrew is contributing to research on international intellectual property law. Through his research, he will evaluate nonproprietary innovation, including open, user, free and collaborative innovation.

In his role at the University of Kansas School of Law, Andrew teaches and conducts research in patent law, intellectual property, innovation, food and drug regulation, biotechnology law, biodiversity law, biolaw and empirical, experimental and big data approaches to the law. In 2008, Andrew served as a policy advisor to then presidential candidate Barack Obama on his Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Committee.

Prior to joining the University of Kansas School of Law in 2005, Andrew taught at Harvard University as Eliot House Resident Tutor in Biology and Law, tutor in biology, and Hrdy Visiting Professor of Conservation Biology. In addition, he has been a fellow in law, innovation and growth at the Searle Center at Northwestern University Law School, a Manza Scholar at the DePaul University College of Law School, a visiting professor at the University of Washington School of Law and a visiting distinguished professor at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.

Andrew received his Ph.D. in biology from Harvard University, his J.D. from Harvard Law School, and a bachelor of science from Queen’s University. 

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