Armand de Mestral is a CIGI senior fellow, effective November 2014. He leads a project addressing a central policy issue of contemporary international investment protection law: is investor-state arbitration suitable between developed liberal democratic countries?  

An expert in international economic law, Armand is professor emeritus and Jean Monnet Chair in the Law of International Economic Integration at McGill University. He has taught constitutional law, law of the sea, public international law, international trade law, international arbitration, European Union law and public international air law.

Armand’s current research interest is the law of international economic integration. He has prepared books, articles and studies in English and French on international trade law and on Canadian and comparative constitutional and international law. He has served on World Trade Organization and North American Free Trade Agreement dispute settlements and public and private arbitration tribunals. He was made a member of the Order of Canada in December 2007.





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