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Canadian Corporations, Environmental Solutions and the Implementation of UNDRIP Indigenous Peoples, Traditional Knowledge Opinion
Partnerships for Sustainable Development: Analyzing the Challenges Climate Change, Sustainable Development Policy Briefs
Canadian Council on International Law Annual Conference Innovation Event
Understanding the Challenges of Climate Change Regulation in International Shipping Climate Change, Trade Conference Reports
Asian Society of International Law 6th Biennial Conference Climate Change Event
Understanding the Challenge of Climate Change Regulation in Shipping Climate Change Event
Why ‘One Humanity’ Must Include Climate Refugees Climate Change, Refugees Opinion
Implementing the Paris Agreement: The Relevance of Human Rights to Climate Action Climate Change, Human Rights Conference Reports
Is there Need for a Binding International Treaty on Business and Human Rights? Human Rights Opinion
Climate Change and Human Rights: How? Where? When? Climate Change, Human Rights CIGI Papers
Business, Human Rights, and Climate Justice Climate Change, Human Rights Opinion
International Conference on Research Collaborations Event
Beyond Corruption: Qatar Migrant Workers and Issues in FIFA's Value Chain CIGI Commentaries
Submission to Ontario’s Climate Change Discussion Paper 2015 Climate Change Special Reports