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CIGI-sponsored paper casts doubt on speculative bubble causing mid-2000s crash in alternative energy stocks Opinion
CIGI report commends BRICS’ environmental progress but calls for clarity on priorities of new development bank Opinion
Delays in trans-Atlantic trade agreements offer chance for reflection, CIGI report says Opinion
China’s stance on ‘mega deals’ will shape its economy and international trading system, CIGI report says Opinion
G20 Sherpa for host Australia to address Ottawa audience on agenda and challenges for 2014 summit in Brisbane Opinion
CIGI commissions New Rules for Global Finance Coalition to initiate global consultations on sovereign debt restructuring Opinion
CIGI welcomes visiting scholar Qiyuan Xu for research on internationalization of renminbi Opinion
CIGI paper highlights lessons from 2012 Greek debt restructuring, for euro area and beyond Opinion
CIGI report calls on IMF to restore credibility and consistency of its crisis-driven lending policies Opinion
New Canada Among Nations Series book – Crisis and Reform – outlines ways for Canada to retain influence in global financial system Opinion
Former ambassador to address challenges facing China and India, in lecture at CIGI Opinion
CIGI appoints international finance and governance expert Barry Eichengreen as Senior Fellow Opinion
CIGI appoints climate change risk policy expert Jason Thistlethwaite as Fellow Opinion
CIGI appoints international trade expert Patricia Goff as Senior Fellow Opinion