Hanzhi Yu is a post-doctoral fellow at CIGI. Her research focuses on global data governance, in particular the influence of digital technology in the architecture of global governance, and the dynamics of the regime complex. Funded by a prestigious scholarship from Tsinghua University, Hanzhi’s post-doctoral research at CIGI will focus on the issue areas of global digital trade governance and global human genetic data governance.

Prior to joining CIGI, Hanzhi published several academic papers in the field of global governance. She was a research fellow in the New Generation China Scholars Program at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing, and a fellow in the Tsinghua-Sciences Po master’s exchange program in Paris. She previously served as assistant to the president for the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and acquired internship experience at the United Nations Development Programme’s China office.

Hanzhi holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and art history and a Ph.D. in public policy and management from Tsinghua University.

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