Hugo Perezcano Díaz is the deputy director of International Economic Law with the International Law Research Program (ILRP), and was previously a CIGI senior fellow with the ILRP. Prior to joining CIGI, he was an attorney and international trade consultant in private practice. Hugo worked for the Mexican government’s Ministry of Economy for nearly 20 years, serving as head of the trade remedy authority, and formerly as general counsel for international trade negotiations. Hugo was lead counsel for Mexico in investor-state dispute settlement cases under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and other international investment agreements. He also worked on dispute settlement cases between states, conducted under trade agreements that include NAFTA and the World Trade Organization agreement.


Hugo’s expertise is in international law, economic law, international trade law and negotiations, and international investment law. He has taught in those fields throughout his career and is a graduate of Mexico’s Autonomous Institute of Technology.


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