Jason Thistlethwaite is a CIGI fellow, as well as assistant professor in the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development in the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo. 

At CIGI, Jason’s research focuses on the implications of the new environmental and climate change risks disclosure regime on the financial sector, and on recommendations to help align policy and industry’s resources toward an effective approach to mitigate climate change. To inform this research, Jason works directly with business and government leaders in the insurance, banking, real estate, building and investment industries. His research has been published in a number of academic and industry journals, and he is a frequent speaker and media contributor on Canada’s growing vulnerability to extreme weather. Jason holds a Ph.D. in global governance from the Balsillie School of International Affairs.  



Select Publications

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  4. Thistlethwaite, Jason 2012 "Business & Society" The ClimateWise Principles: Self-Regulating Climate Change Risks in the Insurance Sector. In (51: 121-147)
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