John Higginbotham joined CIGI as a senior fellow, in February 2013. An expert on international economic relations, maritime, air, road and rail transportation systems and systems of governance, he is leading CIGI’s global security & politics research project on the Arctic.

John is also a senior distinguished fellow at Carleton University, where has he been working on the Arctic, China and the United States as well as a transport studies initiative drawing on the strengths of Carleton’s faculties of Business, Public Administration and Engineering. His work with the Government of Canada, including several international assignments, spans over twenty years. He served as assistant deputy minister in three departments, including Transport Canada where he coordinated Canada’s highly successful Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative. John served as vice president at the Canada School of Public Service, focusing on Canada-US relations, and as assistant deputy minister for policy planning, communications, culture and federal-provincial relations at Foreign Affairs and International Trade. He has served abroad in senior positions in Washington for six years, Hong Kong for five years, and in Beijing on two occasions, as trade commissioner and political counselor.

John speaks English, French and Chinese. He was educated at the University of Saskatchewan, Ibadan University, McGill University, and Harvard University as a Visiting International Fellow. 






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