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CIGI releases new book Mutual Security in the Asia-Pacific, primer on cooperation opportunities for Australia, Canada and South Korea Opinion
CIGI awards 26 graduate scholarships through its International Law Research Program Opinion
Does the Trans-Pacific Partnership threaten Canadian innovators or the public interest? Expert Michael Geist to discuss at CIGI Intellectual Property Opinion
Experts to discuss lessons from Canada’s military interventions, at Elusive Pursuits book launch in Toronto Conflict Management Opinion
New Canada Among Nations book — Elusive Pursuits — offers lessons and possible direction on Canadian foreign policy Conflict Management Opinion
Dark Web studies issued by Global Internet commission highlight child abuse problem, online policing solution Opinion
CIGI hosts major conference, launches new paper series on contentious treaty issue of foreign investors suing government Opinion
Should trade treaties allow foreign investors to sue governments? CIGI hosts international ISDS conference in Ottawa Opinion
CIGI appoints leading Dutch lawyer Roger Cox to explore climate justice, international law and domestic courts Opinion
Suing governments into climate action: Leading Dutch lawyer to discuss global relevance of ground breaking European case Opinion
CIGI expands climate change team with new Senior Fellow, geoengineering and human rights expert Wil Burns Opinion
CIGI-Windsor Law IP law clinic offers model to protect early-stage innovations on global stage Opinion
CIGI appoints A. Neil Craik as Senior Fellow to explore issues of climate change and environment law Opinion
Bianca Jagger delivers message of indigenous rights at Climate Summit of the Americas Opinion