Michele Mosca is an award-winning researcher in cryptography and quantum computing, and has initiated numerous multidisciplinary collaborations that helped create the quantum-safe opportunity for Canada. He started and grew the quantum computing effort at the University of Waterloo, eventually co-founding the Institute for Quantum Computing. Michele led the first Canadian research network in quantum computing and drove the establishment of the quantum computing graduate program at Waterloo and the Quantum Cryptography Summer School for Young Students for high-school students. He was a founding member of the Perimeter Institute, and co-founded two start-ups and the ETSI-IQC Quantum-Safe Cryptography Workshop series. Most recently, he co-founded and is the director of Quantum-Safe Canada to raise awareness of the quantum threat and to help coordinate the development of the research, technology, tools and training needed to transition successfully to quantum-resistant cryptography. Its vision is based on a twin focus: security and prosperity.

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