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Without the US, Countries Like Canada Must Save the Paris Agreement Climate Change Opinion
Climate Finance and Transparency in the Paris Agreement: Key Current and Emerging Legal Issues Climate Change, Financial Systems CIGI Papers
Equitable Allocation of Climate Adaptation Finance: Considering Income Levels Alongside Vulnerability Climate Change, Financial Systems CIGI Papers
Resource Extraction and the Human Rights of Women and Girls Gender, Human Rights Event
Asian Society of International Law 6th Biennial Conference Climate Change Event
Climate Justice: Examining Recent Developments Climate Change Event
Did the Paris Agreement Fail to Incorporate Human Rights in Operative Provisions? Climate Change, Human Rights CIGI Papers
Early Entry into Force of the Paris Climate Agreement: G20 Leaders and Laggards Climate Change, G20/G7 Opinion
Why the G20 Must Also Act as a Forum for Climate Action Climate Change, G20/G7 Opinion
Climate Change Order in the Philippines: The Increasing Relevance of Domestic Courts in the Fight Against Climate Change Climate Change Opinion
Building a New and Inclusive International Rule of Law for the Environment Sustainable Development Event
Popular Signing Ceremony Signifies a More Balanced Climate Deal for All Climate Change Opinion
The Unbearable Fragility of Consensus Rule in the Paris Agreement Climate Change Opinion
LatCrit 2015: Twentieth Anniversary Conference: Critical Constitutionalism Event