Penelope Hawkins has been an economist, policy researcher and adviser for nearly 20 years. As founder and managing director of Feasibility (Pty) Ltd, she has undertaken some of the leading research projects in the financial sector in Southern Africa, commissioned by regulators, policy makers and the private sector.

Her expertise in the financial sector stems from her published work, including her Ph.D. thesis, which examined the financial constraints of small open economies and extended the analysis of financial fragility, vulnerability and exclusion to small businesses. Her body of knowledge includes financial inclusion and education, consumer protection, consumer credit policy, industry pricing and behaviour, competition policy and market conduct regulation, among others.

Penelope has maintained her academic links through her engagement as visiting lecturer for two South African universities. She regularly engages with policy makers, regulators and business leaders — as well as academics and consumers — through the peer testing and presentation of her research.

Penelope is a published economist, with a Ph.D. in economics from Stirling University, Scotland. She has an M.A. in economics (cum laude) from the University of South Africa and a B.A. in economics (honours), a higher diploma in education (cum laude) and a B.Sc., all from the University of the Witwatersrand.

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