Wonhyuk Lim

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Wonhyuk Lim is director of Global Economy Research at KDI. Since joining KDI in 1996, his research has focused on state-owned enterprises and family-based business groups (chaebol).

He has also written extensively on development issues, in conjunction with Korea’s Knowledge Sharing Program. He received a presidential order from the Dominican Republic for his work. After the 2002 presidential election in Korea, Lim worked for the presidential transition committee and the presidential committee on Northeast Asia. He was also at the Brookings Institution as a CNAPS (Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies) fellow for 2005-2006. In 2010, he helped to formulate the G20 Seoul Development Consensus for Shared Growth.

His recent publications include “Joint Discovery and Upgrading of Comparative Advantage: Lessons from Korea’s Development Experience” (World Bank, 2011) and Global Leadership in Transition: Making the G20 More Effective and Responsive (Brookings and KDI, 2011, co-edited with Colin Bradford).

He holds a B.A.S. in physics and history and a Ph.D. in economics from Stanford University.

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