Canada Among Nations 2006: Minorities and Priorities

Published: November 1, 2006

Canada Among Nations 2006: Minorities and Priorities examines how two different forms of minority - governmental and cultural - are shaping contemporary Canadian foreign policy. The book begins with a detailed examination of the challenges facing the Harper government to advance its own foreign and security policy priorities. Great attention is given to its minority status in parliament, the Conservatives’ long absence from power and the remnants of broad Liberal agendas. Contributors then analyze the role of distinctive political and cultural minority groups in shaping foreign relations and show how these groups are influenced by Canadian policies at home and abroad.

For more than twenty years, the Canada Among Nations series has brought together leading scholars, practitioners, journalists and members of the NGO community for an assessment of the country's foreign policy. The books in the series are widely adopted in Canadian foreign policy and international relations courses and have become a major publication of record on Canada's policies and actions in the world.

Canada Among Nations 2006, Minorities and Priorities is produced by the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University, in cooperation with CIGI. It is published by McGill-Queen's University Press.

McGill-Queen’s University Press
  • Dane Rowlands received his PhD in economics from the University of Toronto and is currently the Paterson Professor of International Affairs at Carleton University. He teaches and conducts research on international development, the IMF, conflict management and migration.