Remarks from CIGI Senior Fellow Barry Carin presented at the G20 Seoul International Symposium: Toward the Consolidation of G20 Summits - from Crisis Committee to Global Steering Committee, September 28-29, 2010. Dr. Carin argues that a “G20 non-secretariat is an idea whose time has come."


"A little known fact is that deep in the cavernous basement of the Louvre in Paris, there exists a time machine. It is a closely held secret; the machine is made available only to the President of France, restricted for use to help resolve only the most intractable problems. President Sarkozy, host of the 2011 G20, decided to use the time machine and go back to 495 BC to consult the wise Lao Tzu at the height of his powers. What follows is the transcript – any errors or omissions are the fault of the translator working from Mandarin and French."


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