Getting Back in the Game

A Foreign Policy Playbook for Canada
Published: October 12, 2010
Has Canada lost its place in the world? Are we destined for a future as middle power, denied a seat at the “grown-ups table?” Some would argue yes — that decades of neglect and inattention have rendered Canadian foreign policy ineffective at best and non-existent at worst. Paul Heinbecker — career diplomat and former permanent ambassador to the UN — strongly disagrees. The golden days of Pearson may be long gone, he argues (and perhaps they weren’t quite as “golden” as we’d all like to remember). In "Getting Back in the Game," Heinbecker presents his compelling vision for the future of Canadian foreign policy — a future in which Canada can work both with the United States and apart from it; in which our government can take a stand and effect change on issues of the day, from climate change to the Middle East; in which this country has a key role to play in the rehabilitation of global governance. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, Heinbecker offers a comprehensive, behind-the-scenes look at how we got to where we are, and how we can move forward.
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  • With a distinguished career in Canadian diplomacy — including posts as ambassador to Germany, permanent representative to the United Nations (UN) and adviser to various prime ministers, Paul Heinbecker is one of Canada’s most experienced commentators on foreign policy and international governance. Paul is also the director of the Centre for Global Relations at Wilfrid Laurier University.