This is the first comprehensive guide to the international treaties, organizations, initiatives and networks that form the global regime dealing with nuclear nonproliferation, safety and security. A Guide to Global Nuclear Governance contains a detailed listing of treaties, conventions, initiatives and networks, including multilateral and bilateral agreements, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) guidelines and codes of conduct, United Nations Security Council resolutions, US-Russia initiatives, among others. Each entry includes a brief description, pertinent dates and, where relevant, the numbers of participating states.

The guide was compiled as part of the Nuclear Energy Futures Project, a partnership between CIGI and the Canadian Centre for Treaty Compliance (CCTC) at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University in Ottawa. The project, chaired by CIGI Distinguished Fellow Louise Fréchette, is investigating the implications of the purported nuclear energy revival for nuclear safety, security and nonproliferation and will make recommendations in 2009 for consideration by the international community, especially in the realm of global governance.

A Guide to Global Nuclear Governance will be useful to nuclear industry scholars, practitioners, international relations and global governance experts, teachers and students.

Part of Series

CIGI's Nuclear Energy Futures Papers present research commissioned by the Nuclear Energy Futures Project, which is examining the scope of the purported nuclear energy revival over the coming two decades and its implications for global governance. The papers are written by experts in nuclear energy or nuclear global governance.