CIGI-Africa Initiative Policy Brief Series

About the series

The CIGI-Africa Initiative Policy Brief Series presents analysis and commentary emerging from field-based research on issues critical to the continent. Findings and recommendations in this peer-reviewed series aim to inform policy making and to contribute to the overall African research enterprise.

In the Series

The importance of providing clean, safe drinking water and sanitation to rural inhabitants of developing countries is widely recognized; inadequate access to safe drinking water and sanitation has direct and immediate consequences for quality of life, food security, long-term socio-economic development and the eradication of poverty.
This policy brief asks how the South African government should ensure that its efforts to promote agriculture as a food security measure do not exacerbate the land tenure rights of the rural poor, which were already weakened under apartheid. Answering this question, the authors argue, necessitates the recognition that land reform in South Africa has not progressed as well as expected.