GCIG Research Volumes

About the Series

“To all of you, the message I bring from all of us involved with the GCIG is simple — be engaged. If we fail to engage with these key governance questions, we risk a future for our internet that is disturbingly distant from the one we want.”

— Carl Bildt, Chair of the Global Commission on Internet Governance

When CIGI and Chatham House envisioned and launched the Global Commission on Internet Governance (GCIG) in 2014, the Commissions members were determined to approach the work ahead strictly on the strength of evidence-based research. Nearly 50 papers were commissioned from experts worldwide. Written to engage the non-expert netizen as well as other scholars, and published over the next three years, this body of work represents the largest set of research materials on internet governance to be currently available from any one source.

Questions about the governance of the internet will be with us long into the future. The papers published online and now collected as chapters in these six research volumes aim to be forward looking and to have continuing relevance as the issues they examine evolve.

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