The Changing of the Guard? conference, April 4-6, 2013, in Hong Kong, focused on the most pressing global questions of our time, such as economic inequality and financial instability, all set against the backdrop of Asia’s rising importance in the world. This INET event was co-sponsored by CIGI and the Fung Global Institute. 

In addition, CIGI was instrumental in organizing a pre-conference workshop, with participation of Asian scholars, on the rising importance of the renminbi as an international currency and the implications for the functioning of the international monetary system.

At the conference, several CIGI experts and Canadian affiliates participated in sessions on innovation systems, the role of China and the renminbi in the global economy, and the business leaders’ panel on the future role of Asia. These items have been highlighted below, followed by other session videos from the conference.

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Looking ahead to 2014, CIGI looks forward to working with INET and its partners in co-hosting the INET’s annual Plenary in Toronto next April. The conference will convene pre-eminent researchers on the global economy around the theme of innovation and new economic thinking.

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