Canada-India Track 1.5 Dialogue on Innovation, Growth and Prosperity

The Canada-India Track 1.5 Dialogue on Innovation, Growth and Prosperity is a three-year initiative between the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations, to explore areas for closer cooperation. Experts, government officials and business leaders convene annually to promote bilateral economic growth and innovation in today’s digital economy. 

Canada and India maintain strong bilateral relations built on the foundation of shared values and healthy economic ties. Economic exchanges between Canada and India are on an upward trajectory, but there continue to be unexplored areas for mutually beneficial growth, especially in light of rapid developments in technology that are changing every facet of the economy and society in both countries. To address these challenges, the dialogue will help develop policy recommendations to promote innovation and navigate shared governance issues that are integral to the continued growth of Canada-India bilateral relations. 

The Canada-India Track 1.5 Dialogue  strives to build closer ties between Canada and India and nurture the relationship to its full potential. Canada and India can be global leaders in innovation and the Canada-India Track 1.5 Dialogue seeks opportunities to work jointly on multilateral issues and identify areas where improved cooperation could benefit both countries.  

In addition to its focus on innovation, this partnership examines topics such as collaboration on research and higher education, promotion of Canada-India trade and investment, energy cooperation, digital cooperation, geo-economics of the Indo-Pacific region and issues pertaining to global governance.  

Through this partnership, Canada and India can be intellectual partners and cooperate in the design of their global governance frameworks. 

Past meetings:

On October 30, 2018, the Canada-India Track 1.5 Dialogue on Innovation, Growth and Prosperity convened in Ottawa, Canada. Canada’s inaugural session examined issues related to cyber security, economic relations, geoengineering and climate leadership and included a broader discussion on diplomatic relations between Canada and India. View a statement from the Prime Minister of Canada on the meeting.

On November 22, 2019 Gateway House and CIGI hosted the second Canada-India Track 1.5 Dialogue in Mumbai, India. Discussions and recommendations focussed on fostering closer ties between the two countries, technology’s impact on global governance, trade in services and ecological transition. For full details of the meeting, read the news release here. 

Upcoming meeting:

The next Canada-India Track 1.5 Dialogue is scheduled for November 17, 2020. This meeting will bring together experts and government officials to continue to examine bilateral relations between Canada and India and explore multilateral initiatives in the era of COVID-19 recovery.