CIO Strategy Council Leading Secretariat of Open Community on Ethics in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems  in 2020 

Toronto, December 19, 2019 –  The Council is proud to announce that it will assume responsibilities for the Secretariat  of the Open Community on Ethics in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (OCEANIS), beginning January 1, 2020. 

OCEANIS plays a critical role in facilitating ever-important global coordination and collaboration among standards setting bodies, concerning the extraordinary challenges facing information and communication technology standards development.In addition to the CIO Strategy Council managing the Secretariat, the Council’s Executive Director, Keith Jansa, will serve as Chair of the OCEANIS Steering Committee.

“As a founding member of OCEANIS, the CIO Strategy Council is proud to take on this new mandate” said Jansa. “I would also like to extend my gratitude to outgoing chair, Don Wright, and to the IEEE for their leadership and guiding vision over the past two years. I applaud the progress being made by OCEANIS member and admire the growing partnerships in pushing forward on shared research, projects and leadership in such a complex area.” 

“We are facing a situation where regulation cannot keep up with the rapid innovation in artificial intelligence technology and big data,” said Robert Fay, Global Economy Director at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI). “This is where the CIO Strategy Council, through their leadership in OCEANIS, can ensure we move quickly and help create clear international standards and governance frameworks on ethics and ensure we prevent unintended consequences and harm to our societies without limiting the potential of these technologies.”

OCEANIS recently launched the world-first centralized repository that captures AI and related-technology standards work from around the globe. Learn more by clicking here.

About CIO Strategy Council
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OCEANIS provides a high-level global forum for discussion, debate and collaboration for organizations interested in the development and use of standards to further the development of autonomous and intelligent systems.

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