Media Advisory: CIGI experts are available to comment on next week’s G8 Summit in Deauville, France. The agenda is organized into three key areas, as are our experts.

New common challenges: the internet and green growth

  • Andrew F. Cooper, CIGI Distinguished Fellow, internet gambling’s role in global economy
  • David Runnalls, Acting Director of CIGI’s Environment and Energy Program, green growth, United Nations' High-level Panel on Global Sustainability
  • Simon Zadek, CIGI Senior Visiting Fellow and sustainability adviser to the World Economic Forum, green growth, sustainability and collaborative governance.

Peace and security component

  • Jennifer Clapp, CIGI Chair at the Balsilie School of International Affairs, international food trade and the current food crisis
  • Trevor Findlay, CIGI Senior Fellow and Director of the Canadian Centre for Treaty Compliance, nuclear safety and non-proliferation, G8’s global partnership against the spread of weapons of mass destruction
  • Mark Sedra, CIGI Senior Fellow, post-conflict state building, security sector reform
  • Bessma Momani, CIGI Senior Fellow, Middle East and North Africa uprisings, emerging market economies.

Partnership with Africa

  • Gregory Chin, CIGI Senior Fellow and Acting Director of CIGI’s Development Program
  • Thomas Tieku, lead researcher with CIGI’s Africa Initiative and Director of African Studies at University of Toronto’s New College, Democracy promotion in Africa

Members of CIGI’s G20 Working Group will also be available for comment on related global economy issues and the evolving dynamics of global summitry.


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