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The New Age of Uncertainty

Jim Haley discusses challenges facing the global economy and policy options to deal with them. The blog takes its name from John Kenneth Galbraith’s "The Age of Uncertainty," written at a time of considerable doubt over growth and the usefulness of economic theory. We live in such a time.

Wealth and International Politics

Bessma Momani examines the institutional workings of global economics, and how governments navigate the difficult task of generating wealth for their populations while also being cooperative political players in the world economy.

Asia-Pacific Security

CIGI’s Confidence, Trust and Empathy in Asia-Pacific Security project team—David Welch and Benoit Hardy-Chartrand—discuss issues and events that threaten regional stability in the Asia Pacific and explore potential pathways to improved relations.

Global Rule of Law

Experts from CIGI’s International Law Research Program (ILRP) share updates on their activities, research and program’s growth along with commentary on the complex world of international law and how it is brought to bear on significant global issues.

Kevin Carmichael's Observer

Kevin Carmichael writes about economic policy and the men and women who make it. For nearly two decades, Kevin shifted between Ottawa and Washington, covering finance ministers and central bankers for Bloomberg News and the Globe and Mail. He currently is based in Mumbai.

Reimagining the Internet

The Internet has economic, political and social importance as a public good. On this blog, CIGI researchers discuss current events, trends and challenges in the realm of Internet governance.

The Global Economy

Members of the Global Economy program discuss current issues, opportunities and developments in world economics, and the policy measures that lead to sound governance. This topical blog follows the team as they capture events, discussions and research that’s helping to shape current global economy debate.
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