Canada-Japan Futures Forum: Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation Parnterships

Thursday, March 17, 2016 7:00 AM
Public Event: Conference

The Canada-Japan Futures Forum offers an exciting occasion to explore the challenges and opportunities for
 entrepreneurs and innovators at a time in history when both countries are challenged to play a special role in
responding to some of the planet’s biggest issues. For decades, Japanese and Canadian companies have enjoyed sound and mutually profitable business ties. While that core partnership continues, both countries face competitive challenges and changing market conditions.

The Forum offers an important venue to reflect on what works, as well as what can be improved. This Canada-Japan Futures Forum gathers thinkers and practitioners from business, research institutions and government agencies to reflect on their national experiences and suggest lessons learned. It also provides an opportunity to find prospects for further cooperation between Canada and Japan, and insights into how the two countries can work together to strengthen and reshape their business and economic partnerships in the years ahead.

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