Innovation in Context 2: Scaling Up

Saturday, November 18, 2017 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Public Event: Conference
2016 Innovatioin Context Panel

Innovation in Context 2 continues the conversation we started last year on the social context and policy that advances innovation. Our focus this year is on scaling-up along three dimensions:

1) scaling-up firms to enter global markets
2) scaling-up innovation eco-systems to build and sustain innovation over the long term
3) scaling-up diversity so that more women, minorities and indigenous peoples play a role in innovation

Through discussions that cut across discipline and sectors, we will investigate how the social context promotes innovation and well-being in Quebec, Canada and the world.

Event Speakers

Bassem Awad is a senior fellow and was previously the deputy director of International Intellectual Property Law and Innovation at CIGI.

E. Richard Gold is a CIGI senior fellow and a James McGill Professor with McGill University’s Faculty of Law.

Olena Ivus is a senior fellow at CIGI, where she contributes expertise on the interface between Canada’s domestic innovation and international trade.

Oonagh E. Fitzgerald was director of international law at CIGI from April 2014 to February 2020. In this role, she established and oversaw CIGI’s international law research agenda, which included policy-relevant research on issues of international economic law, environmental law, IP law and innovation, and Indigenous law.