Strengthening National Security and Privacy in the Digital Era: A Discussion with Privacy Commissioner of Canada Daniel Therrien

Thursday, October 14, 2021 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM EDT (UTC–04:00)
Public Event: Virtual Event

National security and privacy are often framed as competing demands in a constantly evolving and complex area of law and policy. The boundaries that traditionally separated both domestic and international security threats have thinned, with the emergence of a truly globalized threat environment and rising dangers posed by both state and non-state actors. This has hastened an increased demand for intelligence gathering to enhance national security, inevitably triggering stresses on the idea and practice of privacy in the digital age.

As part of the Centre for International Governance Innovation’s (CIGI’s) continued work on Reimagining a Canadian National Security Strategy, we are pleased to host Privacy Commissioner of Canada Daniel Therrien for a discussion on privacy protection given the current realities of today’s information revolution, the data-driven economy and known risks within the evolving threat landscape. He will also discuss the importance of collaborating and coordinating efforts with the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency.

A Q&A period moderated by CIGI Managing Director Aaron Shull will follow.

Event Speaker

Privacy Commissioner of Canada