The Think20 (T20) Task Force: The Digital Economy

Sunday, January 22, 2017 - 9:00 AM to Monday, January 23, 2017 - 5:00 PM
London, England
Private Event: Workshop
Jan 22

Participation in this event is by invitation only

The Think20 (T20) brings together research institutes and think tanks from the G20 countries in an independent, open network. The T20 provides research-based policy advice to the G20, facilitates interaction among its members, the policy community and the broader public. In 2016/2017 one of the areas the T20 is looking to develop policy recommendations around is the "Digital Economy”.  

The T20 Digital Economy Task Force is chaired by: Fen Osler Hampson (Centre for International Governance Innovation) He Fan (Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China), Dennis Görlich (Kiel Institute for the World Economy), and Samir Saran (Observer Research Foundation). Participating in the task force will be President of CIGI, Rohinton P. Medhora, Director of CIGI's International Law Research Program, Oonagh Fitzgerald ,and CIGI Senior Fellows Barry CarinEileen Donahoe, and Julie Maupin.

The work of the task force will focus on developing policy recommendations addressing:

1. Dealing with cybercrime against financial institutions and infrastructure

2. Blockchain technology's future implications and consequences

3. Bridging the digital divide

    a. Skills for the New Digital Age

    b. Digital infrastructure

4. Digitalization's potential for women's empowerment

Further information on the T20, conferences, and workshops is available on the website In addition, the T20 blog publishes analytical and opinion pieces by high-level experts on key issues ahead of the 2017 G20 Summit in Hamburg.

Event Speakers

Fen Osler Hampson was a CIGI distinguished fellow and director of the Global Security & Politics Program (2012-2019). Currently he serves as chancellor’s professor at Carleton University and continues to provide leading research and insight to policy makers in the areas of Canadian foreign policy and international and regional security. He also serves as executive director of the World Refugee Council and was co-director of the Global Commission on Internet Governance and director of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs.

Oonagh E. Fitzgerald was director of international law at CIGI from April 2014 to February 2020. In this role, she established and oversaw CIGI’s international law research agenda, which included policy-relevant research on issues of international economic law, environmental law, IP law and innovation, and Indigenous law.