The Connection Between Climate Change & Human Rights

November 18, 2016

The Connection Between Climate Change & Human Rights

Climate change poses a threat to internationally-recognized human rights, including the right to life, food security, water, health, and the right to live in your own country, explains David Estrin, a senior research fellow with the Centre for International Governance Innovation.

Actions taken to mitigate and adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change will themselves infringe on human rights, while the loss and damage caused by changes in climate can be expected to have an early and drastic effect on vulnerable communities, including poor populations in low-lying areas who had nothing to do with creating climate change, Estrin says.

The prospect of these kinds of impacts has given added urgency to efforts by delegates to the world’s annual United Nations climate change talks in Marrakech, Morocco to move forward with implementation of the Paris Agreement, which was signed last December and came into force on November 4 2016. 


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