What kind of bold thinking and solutions can members of the World Refugee Council, an independent group of global leaders and innovators, put forward to help transform the international refugee system and better respond to refugee crises around the world?

Council Chair Lloyd Axworthy provides insight following the council’s first meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. In this short video, Mr. Axworthy dives into what councillors highlighted as some of the fundamental issues to be addressed, including the importance of changing the current dialogue about refugees from one that is negative and focused on risks to one of opportunities.
During their time in Geneva, members of the independent council, convened by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), met with representatives of the UN Refugee Agency, as well as with ambassadors from Jordan, Lebanon, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries. The council also hosted a round table discussion with dozens of civil society organizations to hear their ideas and concerns about the refugee system and how they can contribute to this initiative.

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