The Asia-Pacific Region: A Conversation with Kevin Rudd

Speakers: Kevin Rudd Paul Samson

November 4, 2022

The Asia-Pacific Region: A Conversation with Kevin Rudd

As a large geographic area, spanning from Pakistan in the west, Japan in the north and Australia in the south, the Asia-Pacific region faces several unique challenges.

CIGI President Paul Samson sits down with former prime minister of Australia and CIGI Board member, the Honourable Kevin Rudd, to discuss the geopolitical state of the Asia-Pacific region. Kevin’s experience as Australia’s leader and policy maker provides valuable insights on current issues.

Kevin begins by offering his views on Taiwan’s position in the middle of a semiconductor conflict between China and the United States. He then discusses the state of trade in the region and how countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines are faced with choosing between the United States or China. And, finally, he explains how similar-sized countries such as Canada and Australia participate in the Asia-Pacific region.

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