Susan Etlinger

Susan Etlinger is a senior fellow at CIGI, where her work focuses on artificial intelligence and big data.

Susan Etlinger
Technology Ethics
Artificial Intelligence
Digital Transformation
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Susan Etlinger is a senior fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation. Her work at CIGI focuses on artificial intelligence and big data. She is also an industry analyst at Altimeter Group, a division of Prophet Brand Strategy.

Susan is a globally recognized expert in digital strategy and an author of a series of reports and frameworks on topics including artificial intelligence, data, analytics and digital ethics. She is a frequent keynote speaker at academic and industry conferences around the world. Her TED talk, "What Do We Do with All This Big Data?" has been translated into 25 languages and  viewed more than 1.3 million times. Susan's research is regularly cited in university curricula, and she has been quoted in numerous media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, The New York Times and NPR.

Susan works with global organizations to understand the impact of intelligent technologies and incorporate them into organizational culture and practice. She also works with technology vendors to refine product roadmaps and strategies based on her independent research. Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric from the University of California at Berkeley.