Africa Rising: A Continent’s Future through the Eyes of Emerging Scholars

Published: February 28, 2013
Africa Rising

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Africa Rising: A Continent’s Future through the Eyes of Emerging Scholars provides new insight and perspectives on issues critical to the future of the continent. Through the Africa Initiative Research Grant Program, 10 up-and-coming scholars from Africa and Canada undertook innovative cross-continent research in various countries including Canada, Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia and Uganda, with a focus on policy issues across five thematic areas: conflict resolution, food security, health, migration and climate change. 

The Africa Initiative is a multi-year, donor-supported program with three components: a research program, an exchange program and an online portal. An undertaking led by The Centre for International Governance Innovation, the Africa Initiative aims to contribute to the deepening of Africa’s capacity and knowledge in five thematic areas: conflict resolution, energy, food security, health and migration — with special attention to the cross-cutting issue of climate change. By incorporating field-based research, strategic partnerships and online collaboration, the Africa Initiative is undertaking a truly interdisciplinary and multi-institutional approach to Africa’s governance challenges. Work on the core areas of the initiative focuses on supporting innovative research and researchers, and developing policy recommendations as they relate to the program’s core thematic areas.

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