AI and Deepfake Voice Cloning: Innovation, Copyright and Artists’ Rights

Digital Policy Hub Working Paper

February 20, 2024

With the surge in generative artificial intelligence (AI) models, voice cloning bots are rapidly surfacing. These bots allow users to replicate the voice of any artist or celebrity of their choice. Many AI-generated songs are going viral on social media, creating confusion among the masses. There have also been instances where these bots have been used to spread misinformation related to the artists. This paper deciphers the use of AI in creative fields, especially voice cloning techniques, looks at some of the key cases that pertain to this topic and provides some recommendations on policy developments that will prevent the illicit use of deepfake voice clones and assist celebrities in safeguarding themselves from any form of misinformation and disinformation campaigns.

About the Author

Harnoor Singh Josan is a computer science undergraduate student at the University of Alberta whose research at the Digital Policy Hub will centre on artificial intelligence, music and copyright policy.