AI Governance Needs a Climate Change Strategy

DPH Working Paper

June 20, 2024

Large language model powering systems, such as ChatGPT and Meta AI, are rapidly evolving technologies, and their adoption has become increasingly fast paced. However, legislation has been unable to catch up to speed. In Canada, the proposed Artificial Intelligence and Data Act has been sitting idly since June 2022 with very limited parliamentary traction, but with significant multi-sectoral criticism due to a lack of public consultation. With increasing investments in Canada’s artificial intelligence computing capacity (AI), little attention has been paid to the growing environmental harms that emerge from scaled-up AI developments. To address those harms, this working paper proposes including environmental impact assessments and corresponding limitations on environmentally degrading developments.

About the Author

Christelle Tessono is a technology policy researcher currently pursuing her graduate studies at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information and a former Digital Policy Hub master's fellow.