China: Canada's Strategic Imperative

CIGI Policy Brief No. 95

January 25, 2017

China continues to grow in strategic importance as a trade and innovation partner: it features untapped growth potential from internal integration and is underwriting East Asian regional integration through initiatives such as the One Belt, One Road trade corridor, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement. From the cocoon of an aging developing economy, a new China is emerging — young, urban, university-trained and tech savvy. Driven by its singular focus on technological advance, and fueled by heavy research and development (R&D) spending and a rapidly growing R&D workforce, China is becoming an innovation hub. China wants a free trade agreement with Canada; as globalization faces headwinds in Canada’s traditional markets, Canada should seize the offer.

About the Author

Dan Ciuriak is a senior fellow at CIGI, where he is exploring the interface between Canada’s domestic innovation and international trade and investment. He is the director and principal of Ciuriak Consulting, Inc.