China’s New Concept of Global Governance and Action Plan for International Cooperation

CIGI Paper No. 233

November 13, 2019

Since 2013, the Chinese government under President Xi Jinping has adopted a proactive approach to global governance and is committed to playing a leadership role to take on more international duties. China has proposed a series of new concepts and approaches on the issue of global governance, as well as an action plan for the next five to 10 years to push forward on reforming and strengthening the existing global governance institutions. China’s concepts of global governance are the community of shared human destiny; a new type of international relations; an international win-win partnership; and the principle of mutual consultation, co-building and sharing. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Belt and Road Initiative are the best examples of China’s proactive concepts and plans for global governance reform. The key to the success of China’s concept of global governance lies in managing US-China strategic competition and forming a consensus on international governance system reform. China’s global governance policy provides opportunities for Canada-China cooperation on reforming and strengthening international institutions.

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