Emerging Technologies, Game Changers and the Impact on National Security

Reimagining a Canadian National Security Strategy Report No. 9

January 24, 2022

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things are shaping every aspect of modern society, including national security. The current pace of technological change, especially in the form of emerging and disruptive technologies, is unprecedented. The geotechnological revolution is fuelling global competition, in particular the great power rivalry between the United States and China. Areas of competition include cloud technologies, semiconductor chip technology, hypersonic and new missile technologies, and space-based applications. Canada and other industrialized nations are incorporating many of these new technologies into their national security strategy. As this decade unfolds, AI is expected to transform modern warfare through advances in military technologies, fuelling a global arms race that will redefine the way Canada defends itself.

About the Authors

Daniel Araya is a CIGI senior fellow, a senior partner with the World Legal Summit, and a consultant and an adviser with a special interest in artificial intelligence, technology policy and governance.

Mai Mavinkurve is a CIGI senior fellow and a serial entrepreneur. Mai has founded and run companies in the emerging technology space building distributed data, artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions for industry.