The Future of Security Sector Reform

November 23, 2010

At a time when the United States, Canada and their coalition partners are re-evaluating their roles and exit strategies in Afghanistan and other broken states, this book provides a crucial understanding of the complexities of reforming and transforming the security and justice architecture of the state. Written by leading international practitioners in the security sector reform (SSR) field, it offers valuable insight into what has worked, what has not and the lessons that can be drawn in development, security and state building for the future.

With a Foreword by Clare Short, former UK Secretary of State for International Development who coined the phrase “security sector reform,” this book is essential reading for policy makers, practitioners and scholars who need insight into the concept of SSR and the realities of its implementation on the ground.

To reach a growing number or readers, CIGI is releasing The Future of Security Sector Reform exclusively online.  This book is available for free as a PDF and can be purchased in ebook format for eReader device, tablet, smartphone or computer.


Foreword   Clare Short  
Introduction: The Future of Security Sector Reform  Mark Sedra
Part One: The Origins and Evolution of the SSR Concept 
                                                                                                                                                                                                      1 The Evolution of the Security Sector Reform Agenda  Nicole Ball 
Why Is SSR Important? A United Nations Perspective Adedeji Ebo and Kristiana Powell 
The “Global War on Terrorism” and Its Implications for US Security Sector Reform Support Jake Sherman 
Security Sector Reform, the European Way  Peter Albrecht, Finn Stepputat and Louise Andersen 
Less Post-Conflict, Less Whole of Government and More Geopolitics?  Luc van de Goor and Erwin van Veen 
Towards Second Generation Security Sector Reform  Mark Sedra

Part Two: From Concept to Context: Implementing SSR 

7  SSR and Post-Conflict Reconstruction: The Armed Wing of State Building? Paul Jackson 
8  Breathing Room: Interim Stabilization and Security Sector Reform in the Post-war Period Mark Downes and Robert Muggah 
9  Stabilization Operations and Post-conflict Security Sector Reform: Strange Bedfellows or Close Allies? Ann Fitz-Gerald 
10  Justice Sector Development Assistance in Post-Conflict Countries In Search of Strategy Kirsti Samuels 
11  Learning the Hard Way: Implementing SSR in Africa’s Post-Authoritarian States Alice Hills 
12  Following the Yellow Brick Road? Current and Future Challenges for Security Sector Reform in Africa Lauren Hutton 
13  The Future Is Non-State  Bruce Baker 
Part Three: Challenges to Implementation 

14  Security Sector Reform and the Challenges of Ownership Eirin Mobekk 
15  Civil Society and the Future of Security Sector Reform  Marina Caparini 
16  Just Add Gender? Challenges to Meaningful Integration of Gender in SSR Policy and Practice Jennifer Erin Salahub and Krista Nerland 
17  Securing Human Rights: Shifting the Security Sector Reform Paradigm Nicholas Galletti and Michael Wodzicki 
18  The Financial Dimension of Security Sector Reform  William A. Byrd 
19  The Role of the Private Sector in Security Sector Reform  Alex Martin and Peter Wilson 
20  Scaling the Hurdle or Muddling through Coordination and Sequencing Implementation of Security Sector Reform in Africa Jeffrey Isima

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