On Governance book cover
paperback ISBN: 978-1-928096-06-1

On Governance unpacks the complex global dimensions of governance, and proposes a new theory premised on the belief that strengthened, innovative national and global governance enables positive outcomes for people everywhere. 


Introduction by Robert I. Rotberg

The Governance of Nations: Definitions and Measures
Robert I. Rotberg 

Evaluating Governance Indexes: Key Criteria
Rachel M. Gisselquist 

The Indexes of Governance
Robert I. Rotberg and Aniket Bhushan 

Governance Indexes in Comparative Perspective: The Database

Governance Indicators and Policy Making: Theory and Practice
Rachael Calleja, David Carment and Yiagadeesen Samy

Potential Lessons for Europe from Key Governance Measures
Michaela Saisana, Andrea Saltelli and Gianfranco Lucchese

Generating Successful Global Governance: Creating Comity in the Arctic
Denise Garcia 

Global Governance
Thomas Biersteker

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