Autonomous systems are revolutionizing our lives, but they present clear international security concerns. Despite the risks, emerging technologies are increasingly applied as tools for cybersecurity and, in some cases, cyberwarfare.

In this essay series, first published online, experts explore digital threats to democracy and security, and the geopolitical tensions they create.

About the Authors

A practising lawyer, Aaron Shull is CIGI’s managing director and general counsel. In addition to advising on a range of domestic legal and corporate matters, he has substantive expertise in international law, global security and internet governance.

Daniel Araya is a CIGI senior fellow, a senior partner with the World Legal Summit, and a consultant and an adviser with a special interest in artificial intelligence, technology policy and governance.

Samantha Bradshaw is a CIGI fellow and a leading expert on technology and democracy. Her research concerns the politics embedded in information and communication technologies, and how political actors exploit these affordances for propaganda and persuasion.

Amandeep Singh Gill is the director of the International Digital Health & AI Research Collaborative project at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland.

Michael C. Horowitz is Richard Perry Professor and director of Perry World House at the University of Pennsylvania.

Meg King is the founder of the Wilson Center’s Technology Labs and former director of the Science and Technology Innovation Program.

BGen (Retired) Robert Mazzolin is a CIGI senior fellow and serves as the Chief Technology Strategist at RHEA Group.

Maya Medeiros is an intellectual property lawyer, patent agent and trademark agent, and has a degree in mathematics and computer science.

Rodrigo Nieto-Gómez is a geostrategist and defence futurist focused on the consequences of the accelerating pace of change in homeland security and policing environments.

Liis Vihul is the founder and chief executive officer of Cyber Law International, a firm that provides international cyber law training and consulting services for governments and international organizations worldwide.