Too often, immigration to Canada is viewed as a cost to our society, rather than as a net benefit. This 6 Degrees-CIGI report is intended to start a discussion about the economic benefits of immigration. Increasingly, entreprenurial immigrants bring “creative destruction” to our knowledge sector. Canadian immigrant entrepreneurs are more likely to innovate, invest in research and development, and introduce a new product, than other businesses. The story of the success of Canada’s entrepreneurs is one that needs to be showcased and celebrated. The Six Degrees Citizen Space in Toronto, ON on September 19–21, 2016, will provide a forum and space for this conversation to take place among celebrated Canadian intellectuals, artists and stakeholders.


  • Bessma Momani

    Bessma Momani is a senior fellow, joining CIGI in 2004. She has a Ph.D. in political science with a focus on international political economy, and is professor at the Balsillie School of International Affairs and the University of Waterloo. She is a 2015 fellow of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Doha Center and a Fulbright Scholar.