The rise of the G20 to leaders’ level summitry raises many questions concerning the relationships of the G20 leaders to each other, to the issues and to their respective publics. National Perspectives on Global Leadership (NPGL) is a joint CIGI- Brookings Institution project, led by Colin Bradford, which enlists experts from a dozen G20 countries to observe and assess, through the lenses of the media in their national capitals, the performance of G20 leaders at summits. Published online as the NPGL Soundings series, this publication brings together the commentaries from the London G20 Summit in April 2009, the L’Aquila G8 Summit in July 2009, the Pittsburgh G20 Summit in September 2009, the Muskoka G8 Summit and Toronto G20 Summit in June 2010, and the Seoul G20 Summit in November 2010. The Soundings series provides a substantial body of factual and interpretive insights on the relationship between leaders, the media and the public.

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