A number of issues face leaders at the Los Cabos G20 Summit in Mexico on June 18-19, 2012. The global economy remains fragile, with the continuing crisis in the euro zone creating additional uncertainty and volatility in global financial markets. At the same time, pressing global problems and demographic challenges, which require collective action to resolve and which otherwise would cloud medium-term growth prospects, loom on the horizon. Against this background, the need for effective, credible leadership is paramount.

This series offers expert policy analysis and prescriptions dealing with the discrete facets of G20 work and issues, with an immediate focus on the challenges facing G20 nations as they prepare for their summit. It includes commentaries on strengthening the financial system and fostering financial inclusion by Pierre Siklos and Paul Jenkins. James Haley, Thomas Bernes, Eric Helleiner and Bessma Momani provide perspectives on improving the international financial architecture. Manmohan Agarwal and Daniel Schwanen address economic stabilization and structural reforms. Jennifer Clapp discusses enhancing food security and addressing commodity food price volatility. Kathryn Hochstetler and Colin Bradford consider the promotion of sustainable development and green growth and Barry Carin examines the fight against climate change. Gordon Smith elaborates on the G20 process.

  • James A. Haley is a senior fellow at CIGI and a Canada Institute global fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars in Washington, DC.