On September 5-6, 2013, leaders of the world's major advanced and emerging economies will meet in St. Petersburg, Russia for the G20 summit, with a focus on developing policies aimed at improving sustainable, inclusive and balanced growth, and jobs creation around the world. In this special report, CIGI experts present their perspectives and policy analysis on the key priorities facing the G20 at St. Petersburg, including macroeconomic cooperation, sovereign debt management systems and stimulating international development.

An overview by Domenico Lombardi, director of CIGI's Global Economy Program, gives a preview of what to expect at the St. Petersburg summit. Paul Jenkins discusses the role of unconventional monetary support in promoting global economic growth. Pierre Siklos comments on the technical and cultural gaps the G20 must adress in order to lay the groundwork for renewed economic growth. Thomas A. Bernes discusses the IMF quota and governance reform. Susan Schadler examines sovereign debt restructuring. Barry Carin uses a Thai legend of albino elephants to illustrate the delicate balance of development within the G20. Finally, Gordon Smith suggests that the political dimensions of Russia hosting the G20 are overlooked and deserve greater attention. 

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