Responsible Innovation in Disruptive Digital and Data Technologies

CIGI Policy Brief No. 181

December 21, 2023

As the world grapples with rapid technological change that has the capacity to affect every aspect of human life, “responsible innovation” is key to ensuring that this transformation is shaped in a way that benefits society as a whole while minimizing risks. A joint effort by the Centre for International Governance Innovation and Project Liberty, this policy brief explores seven “verticals” that will guide this technological evolution (artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, neurotechnology, Web3, digital public infrastructure, extended reality and biocomputing) and four “horizontals” (macroeconomics, geopolitics, climate change and regulation) that will shape the medium-term impact of these verticals. Using responsible innovation in the development and application of these technologies can help mitigate their disruptive potential. This approach involves looking at how to reduce the possible negative consequences of an innovation while maximizing its benefits for everyone, and focusing attention on innovation aimed at our greatest shared challenges.

About the Authors

Paul Samson is president of CIGI. He has 30 years of experience across a range of policy issues with partners from around the world. He is a former senior government official and also served for many years as co-chair of the principal G20 working group on the global economy.

Constance de Leusse is the executive director of Project Liberty’s Institute. She served in the French prime minister’s services and then as vice president of institutional relations and empowerment at the Internet Society.

Paul Fehlinger is the inaugural director of policy, governance innovation and impact at Project Liberty’s Institute for responsible innovation and ethical governance of emerging and disruptive technologies.

Aaron Shull is the managing director and general counsel at CIGI. He is a senior legal executive and is recognized as a leading expert on complex issues at the intersection of public policy, emerging technology, cybersecurity, privacy and data protection.