The Valuation of Data: Findings and Discussion

February 12, 2024

Data affects every aspect of people’s lives, from the jobs they do to the products and services they use. Society cannot function without it. Yet valuing data is an ongoing topic of debate and discussion. The International Association for Research in Income and Wealth and the Centre for International Governance Innovation hosted a conference on the valuation of data on November 2–3, 2023. Following a call for papers, researchers and speakers from around the world were invited to present their findings on the opportunities and challenges presented by the valuation of data and its role in the global economy. A total of 19 papers were presented; this conference report is a summary of the main points that were raised and the discussions that followed.

About the Authors

Robert (Bob) Fay is a CIGI senior fellow and an expert in the field of digital economy research.

Keldon Bester is a CIGI fellow and the executive director of the Canadian Anti-Monopoly Project, a think tank dedicated to addressing the harms of monopoly and building a more democratic economy.